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One word comes to mind when I hear Zayda Tovar speak… PASSION! Her energy is unmatched and infectious when she talks. Her ability to not only encourage but to make people move forward despite obstacles or challenges is truly a gift. When you bring Zayda into your organization, GET READY, GET READY, GET READY! She is about to inspire and transform lives. She is a GAME CHANGER. 


If you want a POWERFUL MOTIVATING SPEAKER for your next event, Zayda Tovar is your lady! Zayda not only WON a
TROPHY, she WON OVER her audience with her POWERFUL MESSAGE! Reach out to her for your next event. This lady will be booked up for sure! 


Zayda is a passionate and empowered speaker. Her story of overcoming abuse and trauma is truly inspiring. If you are looking for a speaker to empower and inspire your audience, book Zayda Tovar today. 


What can I say about Zayda? Zayda is an awesome individual with a big heart! I remember hearing her speak and as she spoke, I could hear the authenticity in her voice and I could tell that she really cared about the hearts of those in the audience. She truly loves to inspire others. The energy she brings is more of what the world needs!!
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